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Will Freemasonry survive well into the twentieth century? I believe it will, as long as, as Peale said, “there are God fearing and moral men;” — and there are leaders. Leaders who challenge, who inspire, who enable, who model, who encourage. And so I say to you my Brethren in closing, what are you? Are you a follower, or are you leaving a trail? Do you challenge, do you inspire, do you enable, do you model, do you encourage. Do you cause others to want to do for Freemasonry what you think is necessary to be done. Can you provide that leadership of loyalty, of energy, a positive attitude, being dynamic, enthusiastic, risk-taking, strategist, honest, inspirational, and prestigious. Can you provide that kind of leadership; so that our Freemasonry will continue to be the most dynamic, the most powerful, the most prestigious and the greatest organization in the world. I leave it with you. Thank you!

Speech given by: M.W. Bro D.A. Bruce P.G.M of the Grand Lodge of Alberta
All Canada Conference. Winnipeg, Manitoba – March 18, 1994


Before the candidate is permitted entrance, the Steward asserts that he is properly prepared. But do we ever consider in what manner he is prepared? Although we don’t often question if this preparation can include more than what is stipulated in the Work? Can it embrace such areas as his mind, comfort, ease, and confidence?
Do we converse with the candidate beyond a few non-committal statements? We must impart a feeling of relaxation with the knowledge that he is in good hands and will suffer no embarrassment. Perhaps our preparation should proceed at an earlier time than the convenient room. A Worshipful Master might consider asking a qualified Mason to remain with the candidate from the time of his arrival at the Temple until he enters the convenient room. READ MORE >

The suggestion is sometimes made by a well-meaning Brother that the words of our ancient Ritual should be modernized and the archaic language put into current English. Rather than tampering with the time-honoured words and phrases, the Craft might be better served by explaining them. It is often informative and enlightening to trace the etymology of the words used in our rites and ceremonies. These words are from the concluding lines of The General Charge delivered once a year as the finale of the Ceremony of Installation and Investiture of Officers of a Lodge. READ MORE >

In many countries Masonry is not accepted and in fact it is prohibited. This fact has led Brethren who wish to practice our craft to create what could be considered an underground movement. I am told by a very reliable source that there are men who have had their Masonic furnishings and jewels made into miniature form and transported by them from place to place, mostly in private homes. They are said never to have met in the same place twice in two years in an effort not to be found. I have also learned, that should a foreign Mason be caught he would be jailed for approximately two weeks or until his deportation papers were prepared and he would then be deported. Should a local Mason be found out, very serious consequences apply, such as life in prison. READ MORE >

Masonry attempts to improve individuals; however, it is not a reform institution. It accepts only members of high moral quality and, by its statements, makes them into better men than they were. Masonry does not stridently teach these values. It hints at them indirectly or sometimes speaks to them openly, and often obscures them behind a veil of allegory. To any reasonable member, the message cannot be mistaken. From the pages of our ritual words tumble out in a steady stream to remind us of an upright heart and mind. The skirrett suggests that there is a straight and undeviating line of conduct to be followed, and the plumb rule teaches us to walk uprightly with humility, turning neither to the right hand nor to the left hand from the strict path of virtue. A Mason is also enjoined to act within the Square. And then there are references to friendship, brotherly love, and the settling of differences in an amicable manner. READ MORE >

As a Master Mason you are entitled to receive a certificate from Grand Lodge confirming that you have been regularly initiated, passed, and raised. I now present to you your certificate, and if you will examine it, I shall explain its symbolism. At the top is a panel encircled by a floral border, in which the thistle, shamrock, and rose entwine the maple leaf. This recalls to our mind that England, Scotland, and Ireland bequeathed to Canada not only the basis of our political institutions, but also the blessings of our gentle Craft. The panel consists of several distinctive emblems. It is headed by the All-seeing Eye in rays of brilliant light. This signifies that our lives are illuminated, and our actions are observed by the beneficent Creator. Beneath this are the Royal Arms of the United Kingdom, surmounted by the Crown and flanked by the lion and the unicorn. They symbolize the loyalty to authority which must characterize every Mason. READ MORE >

There are three main reasons to memorize ritual. I am sure that you can find others as well. The First Reason is that it gives you a deeper understanding of the symbolic and allegoric messages that contribute to making a good man better.
The Second Reason is that it develops discipline and increases your intelligence. It establishes daily habits and stimulates your mind. There are many posts accessible on Google that explain the benefits of memorization for young and old.

The Third Reason is that IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU! Beyond being a way to pass on Masonic knowledge, a well memorized and delivered ritual enhances the experience and message not only for you but for the recipient as well as the observers! READ MORE >

The importance of the Memorial Service to the Craft cannot be over-emphasised. It is the only time that Masons appear clothed in regalia to perform Masonic Ritual in public. For many people, it is the first and only time they will see a Masonic Lodge in action and experience Masonic principles in practice. The image of Masonry in the community will be well served when the Memorial Service is conducted with sincerity, competence and dignity. READ MORE >