DDGM Message

Toronto West District 2022-2023

A Message from our DDGM

Brethren, a warm greeting to all. I fall short of words to express my emotions and gratitude for the opportunity I have once again received to be the District Deputy Grand Master of Toronto West District.


I extend my sincere thanks to the brethren of Toronto West District who placed their faith in me, that I feel confident to be able to discharge my duties and responsibilities as the District Deputy Grand Master.

Together we are a team, and a team is like a tool set, no one tool can do all the jobs, but together we can, so let’s join our hands together to continue to work as a team in the day-to-day functioning of our lodges and district for the well-being of our fraternity.

Let’s take our fraternity in Toronto West District to greater heights of success.

As we give our heartfelt thank you to our District Secretary, W. Bro. Gordon Tom for the great work he has done in serving our district in the last year; I also humbly ask for your continued support to our new District Secretary, W. Bro. Jeffery Phoenix.

Thank you once again for believing in me and I will try my best to fulfill your expectations and that of the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario.

Thank you, S & F
R. W. Bro. Ken Singh